Speed Evolution is a company founded by Bear Valley Bikes owner Derek Hermon to provide a full array of innovative cycling products which mechanically enhance bike performance. Derek's original product was the Speed Lube, an unique formula that synergistically cleans and lubricates your bike’s components. Next came the tubeless aluminum valve stems. Our presta valves are lightweight and are designed with a larger diameter to provide both increased airflow and a better seal. Now available in 9 different anodized colors and 3 different lengths, they are a perfect addition to any customized bicycle. Derek then moved forward in creating a 40mm presta valve extender and also a more robust schrader valve. Finally, for the ultimate performance, Speed Evolution “Super Sauce” sealant was created to work in perfect harmony with the tubeless valve stems, achieving a winning combination of high performance and reliability. We are dedicated to mechanically enhancing your ride and also sell some of our favorite accessories to do this that best compliment our products.
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Derek began his cycling career as a BMX racer in the 1980’s. He also had a role in the manufacturing side of the cycling industry back then, by helping to develop and test products that contributed to the evolution of the sport and its technological advancement. Derek is on the USA Cycling board of trustees and is dedicated to the progression of the sport. He currently races professionally in XC, Super-D, CycloCross and Downhill, and was inducted into the Big Bear Mt.Bike Hall of Fame in 2008, gaining recognition as a leader and avid supporter of the mountain biking community. Derek became president of Team Bear Valley Bikes in 2000 and led them to win the Rim Nordic Series “team of the decade” in 2010. Derek continues to help his athletes ‘mechanically enhance’ their bikes and to develop new product for Speed Evolution. Find out about the team at teambearvalleybikes.com and watch this space for new products coming soon!

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